How to become a qualified CE HGV Driver.

To develope to a HGV heavy goods truck driver,you need to be as EU citzien minimum 18-21 years old and hold a full category B car driving licence.
Then you can start your training with the Certificate of Professional Competence called Driver CPC which is required since 2009 for all commercial
road freight transport operations.First the initial CPC training with around 135 hours has to be completed.Every 5 years commercial drivers with C1
,C,CE drivinglicence have to renew with a 5 day including 35 hours course.

Key skills of HGV Driver are:
-To have passion for being a truck driver
-To drive safe and watch the main traffic
-To be mentaly and phsicially top fit
-To have communication skills for colleguas,office staff ansd customers
-Basic technical understanding
-Willing to work 7by24 or 5by24 shift,covering unsocial working hours
-Maybe have foreign language skills
-Computer literate
-Doing paperwork
-Operating modern fleetmanagement systems
-Conducting EU driving and workinking, rest time directives which is in
every single EU country national law

Daily working routine of a truck driver:
There are many transport segments in the road haulage sector.
For example driving in the food distribution logistics,recycling
waste management,construction business and many more.The actual
truck driver shortage of 2015-2020 is in local and international
freight operations.

Payment of HGV drivers depends on EU country,transport segment
and transport competition.There are significant diffrences in monthly

The cost of taking heavy goods vehicle driving lessons in s professional
commecial driving school varies from 2500-7500 Pound around EU.